Quarantine Continues

Unless the quarantine location is somewhat spacious, I do not recommend subjecting yourself to the 14-day quarantine in Korea. For us, trying to spend 24/7 of every waking moment in the closet-sized apartment with our 7 pieces of luggage bags was super tough.

By day 8, my stomach felt like it was being twisted and I had 0 appetite. And guess what? They don’t let you go to the hospital unless: (1) there is a doctor willing to see you; and (2) you have a car that you can drive yourself in your own personal vehicle without any contact with someone else. Here’s the catch. Unless you are going to a big hospital, no doctor is willing to see you while you are in your quarantine period. Additionally, you have to get permission from the social worker and the local health department to go outside during the quarantine location. You are basically a prisoner in your own home.

I mean, think about it, they make you download this tracker app on your smartphone, which records your symptoms, your GPS location, and activity (whether you are using the phone) for 14 days’ period. If the app detects that you are not touching your phone for prolonged period of time (I think about 2 hours), then it suspects that you may have escaped the quarantine location and the social worker or the police will call you. When they cannot reach you, then they will come and try to find you. Once they find you and they realize that you left the quarantine, then you are given a GPS tracker bracelet to wear until your quarantine period ends. Yeah, it’s definitely not fun.

But it’s not all that bad. Do you like shopping in Korea? Do you like food in Korea? As long as you have a smartphone, you can order EVERYTHING and anything and have them delivered to your doorstep within minutes.

Do you like the Korean style corndogs? They deliver them right to your door. Contactless delivery!

The apps in Korea help you order and make a payment, so that you don’t need to physically meet anybody but still have all the things you need, delivered right to your door. Do you need a toothbrush? You can order that through the delivery app.

Like what you see above? They bring these to you in half an hour time.

It’s not only food that made our quarantine lives a little bit better. We were able to have literally just about anything (including TV) ordered and delivered by 7 AM the following morning. Other than being imprisoned, it wasn’t so bad. If you look, I even had Nespresso capsules delivered.

So you can write a note to your driver or the restaurant to let them know that you are quarantining, so please leave the food at the door and ring the doorbell to let us know that the delivery is here. So some of the restaurant owners sent us hand-written notes to cheer us on through the quarantine. Some of them even gave us little snacks or sweets on the house to make us feel better about the quarantine. Little things like this made a difference.

View outside of the apartment window.

Despite all of the warmth and cheerful messages, we were still quite depressed and wanted to scream on the top of our lungs. Every time we wanted to do that, we just looked out the window. At least the sky was pretty.

Just sharing these photos because… just want to brag all the other foods that we ate while being in the two-week prison quarantine. I think these deliveries made the experience 1000% better.

Now I’m craving Asian foods… (drool…)

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