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Ground Zero visit during the pandemic

I can still remember what I was doing 19 years ago when the first two planes crashed into the World Trade Center. Growing up in the suburb of Manhattan, my father and many other friends’ parents were working in New York City. That morning, my father specifically told us that he has to be in […]

International Travel to the U.S. during COVID.

We received a text message a day before our flight from the airline for our flight from Seoul/Incheon (Korea) to New York to arrive at least two hours before the flight. It said that there are certain procedures that must be taken pre-flight for all passengers bound for the United States. I got anxious. There […]

Quarantine Continues

Unless the quarantine location is somewhat spacious, I do not recommend subjecting yourself to the 14-day quarantine in Korea. For us, trying to spend 24/7 of every waking moment in the closet-sized apartment with our 7 pieces of luggage bags was super tough. By day 8, my stomach felt like it was being twisted and […]

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